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Epic Beer Pong

Already own a beer pong table?  Have a little DIY in you?  Use the guts of Epic Beer Pong to make your table EPIC!  Each kit includes 2 sets of fully assembled and programmed circuit boards and a 1:1 hole drilling template for integration into your Beer Pong table.

Please Note: racks are not included in this kit.

No Soldering or Electronic Knowledge Required

Epic Beer Pong Battery Life Clock   Epic Beer Pong Color Coun Icon
8.5 Hours Avg. Run Time   16,777,216 Shades of Color

The Epic Beer Pong DIY table kit runs on standard AA batteries so it's ready in an instant. Don't let battery power fool you, this thing is super bright and colorful!

Epic Beer Pong Game Mode

Enjoy dynamic light patterns when a ball hits a cup and also interactive game modes. Our Hawt Shot game mode will randomly cycle specific color cups onto the LEDs. Sink the green cup, remove two cups. Accidentally sink the red cup, put a cup back on.

Please Note: racks are not included in this kit.
Epic Beer Pong Foggy

Each kit comes with a repositionable mode button for integration into your table. Use this button to toggle between different pattern settings, speeds and game modes. Not all but a few modes include:

Normal - Random selection of the best patterns.
Chill - Slower and more comfortable patterns.
Fast - Similar to Normal just faster.
Seizure - Melts your eyes.
Rainbow - Quadruple rainbow, all the way...omg.

Please Note: racks are not included in this kit.

Clear Rio Tumbler cups pictured above provided by impulseenterprises.com